A typical Italian story: hard work, values, quality, research and knowledge... 
…A coffee story.

During the end of the '50 Aldo Calore started to work in one of the most important Italian roasting companies. For him its work was more than a profession: it was an overwhelming passion that led him to improve his skills and know how in coffee selection and processing. He soon became a reference person for those who already worked in the coffee field: he contributed to the birth of many roasting companies. Step by step, Aldo decided to open his own company.

Since some years before, Aldo was living in southern Lazio and, in facts, in Frosinone took place the decisive meeting with Franco Arduini and Giovanni Minotti, who were already working in the coffee industry.

It was a turning point in their professional and personal story:
it was 1975... ICAF was born.

They work between the scent of coffee beans and they are able to recognize their roasting level from the color. They select their origins with love and skill. They live very intensive years and feel that a significant ambition is developing. Very soon they started to supply their products to cafes, bar and reastaurants taking care of every single detail of the quality of the products and the packaging. Nowadays we can affirm that they introduced some blends that can be easily considered masterpieces.

Today Giovanni, Massimo and Stefano can manage a solid experience, handed down from generation to generation, that allows us to take our chance to present our exclusive production to the international markets. The constant innovation and research for new blends with unique taste and aroma, gives the possibility to renew our passion and competence.

Today, this long path has brought us to a new proposal:a new brand fit to communicate our evolution, characterized by the simplicity of its graphic lines.